WHP Student Society



Welcome to the Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention (WHP) Student Society

This is a fun society where WHP students from Oakland University can get together to discuss important news regarding the WHP major or minor, answer each others questions, find out about upcoming events or activities, and opportunities that will help everyone out.  We have similiar interests that we can share in this group!



  The purpose of the WHP Society is to provide students with an opportunity to share common interests about wellness, health, and injury prevention.  The organization will provide educational activities for its members. The WHP Society will also serve to increase awareness of the WHP program at Oakland University.


Benefits of Joining WHP Society 

  • Get the latest information about what is happening in the program
  • Letter of recommendation from the director
  • Add to your resume
  • Connect with other people in your major
  • Ideas for Senior Culminating Experience
  • Campus involvement
  • Networking benefits
  • Lunch provided at meetings!


 Please check the Calendar link to find information about the monthly meetings and events.  Try to make your appearance at our meetings; One Monday every month from noon to 1pm. We would love to see you there!